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The Emerson and Valen Financial Literacy Series
ChildrenIs there anything more important in our lives than our children and teaching them to lead secure and fulfilling lives? Teaching them to be financially responsible early in life will give them an enormous advantage to being financially stable and, on their way, to building and sustaining generational wealth. This series of picture books will show kids the cost and value of money, how to save and invest for the future, start businesses, and pay it forward. As they venture out into the world, it is my hope it will help young readers have a good working knowledge of how finances work, and the importance of planning for the future. When is a good time to teach children about money? As soon as they are able to begin asking for things!

Emerson and Valen Learn the Value of Money
Book 1 in the Series
Teaching Emerson and Valen the cost of items, state taxes and how you can work and save to acquire them.

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S. Leonard
Myrna has loved reading since the tender age of 4. Learning early that knowledge is the key to freedom, and it is that freedom she hopes to gift her niece Emerson and nephew Valen.TOP FIVE THINGS ON VALUEOFMONEY.NET

Emerson and Valen Open a Savings Account
Book 2 in the Series
Now that Emerson and Valen have filled their piggy banks, it’s time to open a savings account.


Emerson and Valen Learn How to Invest
Book 3 in the Series
Valen and Emerson have been saving for awhile now when they see Dad investing on the computer. They want to learn how to invest too!


Emerson and Valen Start a Business
Book 4 in the Series
It’s “take your kids to work” day at Emerson and Valen’s dad’s business. As thy watch their father working, managing employees and being a boss, they decide they want to start a business too!


Emerson and Valen Learn to Give Back
The 5th and last book of the series

Emerson and Valen learn the importance of giving back to the community.