which function helps in place utility
which function helps in place utility

A simple acquisition makes a utility to be perceived highly by consumers. At an equivalent time, after-sales services influence possession utility. The higher the after-sales services, the more consumers will derive possession utility from employing a particular product.

According to this concept customer satisfaction must be within the ethical and ecological aspects of society. Product Promotion Middlemen also participate in some sales promotion activities, such as demonstration, special display, contests etc. to increase the sale of products. Product Related Factors The important product related considerations is deciding the channels. It includes whether the ‘ product is an industrial product or a consumer product. Industrial product require shorter channel and consumer products require longer channel. An important function of label is to aid in promotion of the products.

How is place utility created?

Place utility: this utility is derived when you can transport goods from one place to another. Transportation services create time utility. Place utility is always more in places of scarcity than abundance. For Example, when apples from Kashmir is transported to any other place, place utility is created.

These functions are obviously performed by non-farm enterprises. Several industries, thus find new markets for their products in the farm sector. Logistics has the objective of delivering exactly what the customer wants at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. Physical distribution activities include order processing, warehousing, materials handling, transportation, and inventory control. This process impacts how marketers physically get products where they need to be, when they need to be there, and at the lowest possible cost. Logistics refers to the management of the flow of goods and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of customers.

It can be such as bottles, packets, and individual canes for customer requirement purposes. It creates place utility in breaking bulk to the good point of the consumption process. Question_answer63) ‘Mansi took her niece, Riddhima, for shopping to ‘Mega Stores’ to by her a bag for her which function helps in place utility birthday. She was delighted when on payment of the bag she got a pencil box along with the bag free of cost. Identify the technique of sales promotion used by the company. Question_answer51) Name the function of marketing which is concerned with the cost and location of target market.

Buying and selling, physical functions – Grading, transportation, storage and warehousing

What shopping products have been purchased by you/your family in the last six months? Make a list and specify what factors influenced the purchase of each of these products. As marketing manager of a big hotel located at an important tourist destination, what societal concerns would be facted by you and what steps would you plan to take care of these concerns?

And enables the company in identifying those executives who have the necessary potential to become dynamic leaders, so that the checking required on decisions taken by lower levels of management is the least. This makes it possible to evaluate performance at each level and each department can be individually held accountable for their results. By quoting the lines given above identify and briefly explain the benefits of the concept discussed above. Retail management refers to successfully running and managing the internal functions of a retail store. It comes from extensive planning and having an understanding of the target demographic.

  • Companies are continually bettering their supply chain administration, which has led to services similar to similar-day supply and 24/7 availability.
  • Discuss the role of ‘sales promotion’ as an element of promotion mix.
  • In other words, it is a measurement of usefulness that a consumer obtains from any good.
  • This process impacts how marketers physically get products where they need to be, when they need to be there, and at the lowest possible cost.
  • There was little positive control and no real liaison between the various distribution-related functions.

One of the most important functions of labels is that it describes the product, its usage, cautions in use etc and specify its contents. A good design can improve performance of a product and also give it a competitive advantage in the market. Another important activity or area of work of a marketer is to develop appropriate marketing plans, so that the marketing objective of the organisation can be achieved. What are the limitations of a advertising as a promotional tool?

Pricing is perhaps the most important decision taken by a businessman. It is the decision upon which the success or failure of an enterprise depends to a large extent. Therefore, price must be determined only after taking all the relevant factors into consideration. ‘Bending the customer according to the product.’ – This statement is related with selling concept. From there, economists create an ordering of consumption baskets from least desired to essentially the most most well-liked. If you’re unsure, Webuyhouses 7 can evaluate your home for free. After evaluating age, size, and location, they will make a fair offer for your home. Homebuyers are typically flexible and eager to help. They will try to minimise the challenges of selling a residence. Visit https://www.webuyhouses-7.com/pennsylvania/we-buy-homes-monroeville-pa/.


What kind of tools can be included under sales promotion? Advertising is the popular tool of promotion as it communicates in a persuasive manner about organization or products or services non-personally through paid media. The advertisement should provide new information or support the information the audience already has in order to capture their attention. It should be able to persuade them and influence their attitude and purchase behaviour. Personal selling or salesmanship is the process of contacting the prospective buyers personally and persuading them to buy the products.

On the basis of IADP experience, Kiehl has shown that the “marketing problem” begins to emerge in the process of shifting from traditional to modern agriculture because of production surpluses generated by the shift. Indeed, the term modern agriculture implies a market-oriented agriculture. The scope for moving towards modern agriculture must include market dimensions if the momentum of production transformation is to be sustained. Rural markets generally have poor marketing facilities as compared to urban markets. Marketing support services such as godowns, cleaning, price information and extension services were found completely non-existent in most of these rural markets.

Grading and Branding

Various faculties of thought differ as to tips on how to model financial utility and measure the usefulness of an excellent or service. Utility in economics was first coined by the famous 18th-century Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli. Rational Choice Theory says that consumers seek to maximise their utility with every unit of consumption.

What is an example for place utility?

Place utility can be used to draw customers to a product or service as well because it associates a specific place to the product or service. For example, someone from America might find French wine more appealing because of its association with the city as being foreign and, thus, more attractive.

The American Marketing Association has defined a market as the aggregate demand of the potential buyers for a product/service. There is an old English saying that two women and a goose may make a market. However, in common parlance, a market includes any place where persons assemble for the sale or purchase of commodities intended for satisfying human wants. Other terms used for describing markets in India are Haats, Painths, Shandies and Bazar. There are the functions which help or facilitate in the transfer of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. They are not directly connected with the transfer of goods.

As the marketing manager of a big hotel located at an important tourist destination, what societal concerns would be faced by you and what steps would you plan to take care of these concerns? Maintenance of inventory – The distribution firms maintain proper inventory so as to ensure the timely supply. C) It helps in differentiating the products on the basis of quality.

The important company characteristics affecting the choice of channels of distribution include the financial strength of the company and the degree of control it wants to hold on other channel member. Direct selling involves lot of foods to be invested in fixed assets say starting own retail outlets or engaging large number of sales force. The marketing system provides employment to millions of persons engaged in various activities, such as packaging, transportation, storage and processing. Persons like commission agents, brokers, traders, retailers, weighmen, hamals, packagers and regulating staff are directly employed in the marketing system. This apart, several others find employment in supplying goods and services required by the marketing system. An efficient marketing system ensures higher levels of income for the farmers reducing the number of middlemen or by restricting the cost of marketing services and the malpractices, in the marketing of farm products. Home valuations are not charged while using Cash home buyers. They will make a reasonable offer after determining the state of your house and where it is located. Visit https://www.cashhomebuyers.io/indiana/cash-house-buyers-noblesville-in/.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 Marketing

Moreover, utility also varies with time and location. For instance, the utility of a room heater is subject to whether it is used in Kashmir or Cochin, and during summer or winter. What are the factors affecting determination of the price of a product or service?

which function helps in place utility

Nokia’s entire product portfolio has now been re-aligned towards these four groups to address the specific needs of each. The first of these segments Live, aimed a first time users whose basic need is to stay in touch with voice as the main driver, would have basic handsets low on features and price. The strategy, which was announced globally in June last year, is being unfolded in India now. While the nitty-gritty of the new strategy is still being worked out, it is likely that the company would follow separate marketing strategies for the four different segments. The advertising campaigns could be different for the segments. Design a label for one of the food product of your choice.

However, monitoring and assigning values to utility can still be helpful to economists. Over time, selections and preferences can indicate modifications in spending patterns and in utility. Understanding the logic behind client decisions and the level of satisfaction is not solely important to economists however firms as nicely. Company executives can use utility to trace how consumers view their merchandise. This is partly as a result of restricted quantity of funds a person could possess, as well as a want to achieve as much satisfaction from the consumption of goods and companies as potential.

And those entrepreneurs who go with non-public warehousing must further decide between storage or distribution facilities. A storage warehouse holds products for moderate to long-term periods in an attempt to balance supply and demand for producers and purchasers. They are most often used by small businesses whose products’ supply and demand are seasonal. On the other hand, a distribution warehouse assembles and redistributes products quickly, keeping them on the move as much as possible. Many distribution warehouses physically store goods for fewer than 24 hours before shipping them on to customers.

Practically, consumers’ satisfaction or utility cannot be evaluated and measured. Still, some economists believe that utility of service or commercial products can be estimated using numerous models. The supporters of advertisement, however argued that we are all rational human beings who make our decisions for purchase of products on factors, such as price, style, size, etc. Thus the buyers can clear their confusion by analysing the information provided on the advertisements and other sources before taking a decision to purchase a product.

All these names have great popularity and acceptability in the markets. 17) apart from customer satisfaction pays attention to ethical and ecological aspects of marketing. In short the Customers fundamentally expect a reliable service of a high degree and minimum cost of transportation which would help them in structuring a competitive pricing in the market. 1950s and early 1970s – In this period, distribution systems were unplanned and unformulated.

What are the types of utility?

  • Place. Place utility is the concept of encouraging a customer to purchase a product or service by making it more readily available.
  • Time. Time utility also deals with the process of making a product or service readily available to a customer.
  • Possession.
  • Form.