The Vipre antivirus has a clean, easy-to-use interface which includes three tabs: MyVipre, Account, and Manage. The Account case displays a status of your anti virus and firewall, while the Take care of tab offers you access to the security components’ configurations. The MyVipre tab defaults to green in dark grey, but you can replace the color layout if you like. Additionally, there are six unique color topics, which you can want to customize seen your malware.

VIPRE does not have a complicated software or signup procedures, so that it can be used possibly by novice computer users. The installer put in at home and features a “first scan” at the end for the process. The download was about 30 minutes, and VIPRE consists of a few standard settings, if you can personalize these if you would like. The program will also download the latest computer definitions. Once the herbst is installed, the program definitely will prompt you to enter into your VIPRE product crucial, which you can in that case input in the settings.

The VIPRE AJE lets you placed the program to run a full check out once a week without the use of RapidScan. It can also be scheduled to run a full scan any time with the week, minimizing the overall impact on the system. Concerning phishing messages, Vipre has an easy alternative for that also. It blocks phishing e-mail, quarantines them, and allows you to whitelist reliable senders.